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I Think My Superhero Cape Still Fits

Allow me to Preface the following with a disclaimer:

I declare, by no means, or any stretch of the imagination, are my days of leaping buildings in a single bound, or flying with pigs, or any other such antics over.

I know this may be stating the obvious, or the cliché; and for this, I apologise…

However, being a parent has unintended consequences.

Four example, no longer do I stick my knife in the toaster, (don’t pretend you have not done it either. We have all been there.

Nor do I cross the road against the lights. Moreover, my desire to explore old mine shafts has diminished.

However, the clincher came this morning, when I found myself inconsolable over the idea of Little having her first needles when she arrives.

Obviously as my circumstances change, so must my values, priorities, and choices.

Things are certainly going to be different. And no matter how well I plan or what I may have thought through, chances are, I am going to be ridiculously off the mark and, surprised, and overwhelmed, and empowered, and a myriad of things I cannot yet conceive.

,The best part is, I cannot wait!

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