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Home Alone

Oh, I have it good!

I am not simply talking about the two tubs of ice cream in the freezer, or the three green apples on the table. Let alone the family pack of Maltesers in the pantry, or even the fact I have complete control of the television remote. Which never happens.

However, every time Michael goes away, be it for a day, or a week, he leaves me as many ready home-made meals as is necessary.

He lines them up so I know exactly what is where. Curry on the left, spaghetti third on the right, roast chicken and potatoes on the end and so on .Because the man knows me too well. Because if I am left alone to my own devices, I will live on vegemite toast and oxygen.

I also know that I will get a phone call any second, making sure, I have eaten, and that I am comfortable and settled for the evening.

He is definitely a keeper.

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