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Cooking Like A Crazy Woman

At the risk of stating the obvious; Little’s arrival must be imminent, as I am cooking everything in the house…

Cafe Meg is a frenzy of culinary creativity.

So far this afternoon we have:

An assortment of saut̩ed vegetables on a bed of basil pesto infused angel hair pasta Рjust add truffle oil and parmesan to taste.

The makings for chicken tacos with red kidney beans- fresh toppings upon request.

Traditional Greek lentil soup with a vegetable twist – top with feta for a divine experience.

Chicken, mushroom, and sweet potato risotto with zucchini, spinach, and a hint of garlic- again simply add parmesan and pepper to taste.

Bombay beef with vegetables cushioned on white rice for Michael and brown for me – one scoop of yogurt please.

Oh but I am not finished yet…

There is a solitary tin of tuna, surely I can whip into something more interesting than its’ current incarnation.

Moreover, I have not yet exploited the baking supplies…

Besides, I have not made use of every utensil, pot, pan, trey, gadget, or appliance in my kitchen.

Surely if a pregnant mama has come this far, then she should keep going, right?

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