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A BuddingBarista

Dreams don’t have to be big, brassy, or accompanied by big look at me bells and whistles to be meaningful, or accomplished.

The little ones also count.

I have always wanted to be a barista, yet as simple as it sounds, it has always been out of reach.

However I would like to announce that #157 has been ticked off The bucket list, and counting.

It happened As I quietly scraped the bottom of the vegemite jar this morning in order to make thick crusty buttery farm style toast.

I thought it time to break in the sexy red beast sitting on my kitchen bench, otherwise known as the coffee machine.

Oh my God, so quick and easy! Only 3 buttons to remember, if you include the separate milk frothy thing.

And there you have it; one most delicious skim decaf cappuccino.

Now I know you are wondering when you can come over and experience some of this cafe meg coffee art for yourself…

Today’s rustic sweet treat will be chocolate coconut short bread, unless of course I decide to make something else.


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