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How To Play The Waiting Game

What a great day for being in bed surrounded by trashy novels, a steady supply of baked goods, and a happy wriggling almost here baby playing in my belly.

Her movements are becoming more pronounce, and the gentle pressure and easing in my pelvic region is almost orgasmic at times.

I am nervous she will come over the weekend, especially if the thud in my lower back is anything to go by.

However my intuition tells me we are fine, and it won’t be until Monday morning at our designated time and place, will she arrive.

In fact part of me thinks she could almost go another week if left to her own devices.

It seems inconceivable to me this time next week she will be in her pretty room just down the hall, and not where i have gotten to know her.

Her daddy is eagerly waiting to hold her in his arms, and introduce her to all the beauty of the world. They have so many fun plans, a lifetime hardly seems enough. However we will give it a go.

Meanwhile I am savouring the delicious anticipation and excitement of what is ahead for our family. For as with the moment before a first kiss, you only get to experience the heady sense of stepping off the precipice into the beautiful unknown once, and it is deliscious.


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