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Swapping Waddling For Swaddling

Week 2

This time 14 days ago i had my hardcore couldn’t be any more pregnant groove on.

While today I walked the long narrow white path to our letter box and back again with relative ease.

Moving has become more free with each passing day,

but i am fast learning when it comes to parenthood, there is no such thing as a linear progression. Sometimes it is 1 step forward followed by 2 backward, or Half a step sideways…

What’s more, i am not the choreographer, but a willing participant in this intricate dance of which i am trying to become familiar.

This week has been nerve wracking, as Michael has left me alone with Little for increasing lengths of time while he takes care of the copious amounts of paperwork which accompany having a baby, and other such things…

There are so many details to remember, and I have so many questions. It seems I have forgotten all my pre-baby baby knowledge.

For the record, I wrap the baby the same way I wrap Christmas presents – not very neatly.

She is beautiful!

And i wouldn’t change a thing.

After all, there is something liberating about not thinking of oneself for days at a time.

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