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From Hatching To Latching

Week 5

From the very beginning Emily has fed well.

However, the actuality of feeding her has been a process.

Just when i am starting to question my endurance regarding the discomfort, something changes, and the experience is pleasant. Thus leaving me feeling a little foolish for doubting myself in the first place.

This week, just as with any other, Emily has amused and delighted us with her development and cheeky antics.

She has most definitely mastered the nappy explosion.

And on Friday she held her dummy.

Oh yes, and hands up who got the first proper smile?

What amazes me is how my handbag is slowly being infiltrated by baby paraphernalia. Or how the nail polish has been ragged on my fingers for weeks, yet i haven’t found the resources to remove it. And by resources I mean the time, energy, or care factor.

What a difference a month makes…

Who knew two hours sleep would be enough, or luke warm tea could taste so good…

And seriously, who knew coming second could be so much fun?

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