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What I Know So Far

Here is my take on it:

Motherhood exposes everything.

Everything you thought you knew about yourself, and everything you didn’t.

It forces you to show up.

It is not a case of go hard or go home.

Motherhood is home.

It is full of dos, don’ts, doubts, delirium, delightfulness, and determination.

I would love to play it safe, and write about my life Stepford wife style. But let’s be honest, I don’t have the hair for it. And there are no plans for plucking my unruly eyebrows any time soon. Although I finally took the initiative to remove that red nail polish I have been wearing since before Emily was born. So i am part way there, right?

My living,my love, my low points, my laughter, my loudness, and my logic are so much more interesting and entertaining than a Hollywood highlight reel of domestic harmony.

There are days when i pick up that pen, i also have to put on my brave girl pants, because as much as i try not to take myself too seriously, or care what people might think, sometimes i do.

And as much as those days suck, and I might prefer nobody knew about them, they do exist.

But so do the good days; the days when I celebrate the small things, the big things, the in between things, and the nothing at all things.

Today is a good day.

Today i can laugh at how uptight I have been, and how hard I have been on myself.

Today I got to drink my tea hot, and eat my toast with two hands. And I might even get to catch up on Greys anatomy.

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