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From Physically Tiring To Building Hard Wiring

Week 9

Are we here already, I think as I rub my eyes and scrape my hair back into a plat.

I am fast realising, the tiredness I felt throughout my pregnancy, is totally different to the mummy tiredness I feel now.

This week our happy little squirmy wormy wriggler, has become somewhat of an unhappy little grizzly bear.

I am wondering if her first teeth are beginning to make their presence known.

To her credit, Little has discovered the concept of cause and effect. If she cries, mummy will come. And when mummy comes, if she coos sweetly, mummy will laugh.

At the moment she is being a yoga baby on mummy’s mat.

I am not quite sure how she has managed it, but she is at a different angle from the one I put her down on.

She has become fascinated with her dollies and anything which rattles, particularly if we holdĀ them up and wave them in front of her face. She can now follow the sound with her eyes.

Speaking of which, we think they are going to be blue just like her daddy.

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