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An Iminent Victory

Yippy yahoo I think we might have a solution to my pram-pushing dilemma…

So watch out power walking designer pants fictional mummies with the perfectly behaved children of my imagination, here I come!

We have attached a little holder to the centre of the handle of my pram for the buzzy thing, and a ring to the side bar of which I can slide, and subsequently pivot a very very long cane.

And by very very long, I mean this bad boy is as tall as I am.

This will allow me to ark my stick back and forth in front of the pram just as I would if I were walking normally, alone or with the baby carrier.

Understandably, I am pretty excited.

However, be warned, ankle tapping selfish, inconsiderate, rude, or ignorant people who deliberately do not watch where they are going, or worse still, get in my way, is not out of the question.

My sister Jess and I were going to test it out today at the Pregnancy Babies and Children’s Expo, but the rainy windy crazy weather conspired against us.

Our second option was to meet our other sister Nicole for lunch, but that did not work out.

Therefore, I have had to contend with Manoeuvring my new contraption inside the house, and bumping into furniture instead.

However, it will not be long until I am out in the world.

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