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A Wardrobe Malfunction

What is having a blog for, if not sharing the rhythm of it all.

Miss Emily has grown out of yet another set of clothes. I am not sure when our long strand of spaghetti got so tall.

We have come to the conclusion, they just don’t make all in one suits for her.

Actually, I’m not sure who they make those particular articles of clothing for.

The sizing and recommendations mean nothing. It is worse than women’s clothing terms of consistency.

However after going through her cupboard, I have started on mine.

The original intention was, simply to go through the maternity clothes, and pack them up for good will. However… As so often happens, way leads to way… Where did all these garments come from? My only explanation is aliens are somehow involved. Because there is nothing here I like, or would have chosen for myself.

What was I thinking?

I so need to go shopping. Who wants to take me?


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