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From Transport Battles To Baby Rattles

Week 10

Wow! Double digits.

My new born isn’t new born for very long. She is a proper big girl baby now.

It has been almost 3 months since my last train ride…

This week mummy was very brave while Little had her needles.

I sat in the waiting room very calm and composed.

Actually, truth be told, i zoned out on Facebook while daddy took care of business.

I know, bad mumma. But in my defence I did recognise her cry. Which is reassuring really, considering how many other children were there.

Emily was over it within about five seconds, however she did have a perplexed Look on her face for quite awhile afterward.

This week she also learned to kick the toys on her play gym. While as usual Dolly copped a battering courtesy of her left jab.

The other highlight of the week was when Emily smiled at her own fart.

We reached a new world record of 4 dirty nappies and 3 outfits in 15 minutes at 3:00AM, which was when the fart incident took place.

And i rarely hear Michael laugh that hard.

She continues to bring us so much joy.

And i must say, she manages us very well. We are wrapped around her royal cuteness’s little finger.


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