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A Rush Of Relief

It is no secret, I think my life is pretty fabulous!

I love love love being a mum. What’s more, I love that I love it. As I spent so much of my life being afraid, I would not like it.

However, just when I thought it could not get any better, a huge thanks goes out to John Smartt for noticing Emily’s tongue-tie.

You are an amazing man, and highly talented, knowledgeable, and skilled osteopath.

Today we had her treated at the Sydney Specialist Tongue Tie Clinic, and we could not be happier with the result.

I will confess to finding the procedure somewhat traumatising.

Emily cried, then I cried, but it was all over within a matter of seconds.

Honestly, if I had had the chance to leave the room, I absolutely would have taken it.

I already thought our daughter was a beautiful happy little being with a lovely temperament, but I am told things are about to get a lot  easier.

And I already thought I had it pretty good!

I mean, I am having the time of my life with her.

I have never considered her troublesome, or grumpy.

I cannot say I have ever thought this motherhood caper was  high maintenance.

Which surprises me, because before I had her, I was convinced it would be.

I cannot articulate what I was expecting, but it was not anything as good as this.

Although having said that, Michael is a most kindly and supportive husband. Moreover, I would not want to do this without him.

Judging  by how happily she is playing under her gym, I am in for a real treat.

Her belly is full for the first time in, I do not know how long, and her eyes are sparkling with contentment.

She is singing sweetly to her dolly.

I mean, I have seen glimpses of this, and have dropped everything to relish such moments. But holy wow! She has been amusing herself for an hour already.

I am used to a much more frantic and chaotic schedule.

What is more, my breasts are pain-free for the first time ever!

So bring it on universe.


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