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From High Heels To Pram Wheels

week 11

This week has been a big one.

I know I know, they’re all big, but this week I am feeling it more acutely than ever.

On the one hand, Emily is becoming more independent, but on the other hand, she has been rather unhappy. Which means she has needed more cuddles, and has been more difficult to settle.

Our wiggly riggly baby has become stretchy and talkative.

She now plays under her play gym with purpose. And as usual, dolly is constantly being knocked over.

We still have not found a suitable solution for the pram pushing situation, which I must say, is somewhat surprising. I had completely imagined the scenario differently in my mind.

I wish the baby carrier wasn’t so complicated, because I am desperate to get out and about.

As parents, we may outnumber Emily, but she is certainly outsmarting us.

I know I am a soft touch, but her facial expressions bring Michael to his knees.

All she has to do is look at him with those big baby blues and smile.

Sometimes he cannot resist talking and playing with her when I am trying to put her to bed. But I can’t be upset about it, even if I wanted to, because they are adorable together.

She seems to reserve some of her cutest moments for 3 AM which makes it really difficult for us not to engage. Thank God we have one another to hold ourselves in check. Not to mention our need for sleep trumps all else.


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