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From Going Through The Motions To Baby Lotions

Week 12

This time a year ago, michael and I were oblivious to what magnificent we didn’t know we could be so happy kind of joy was headed our way.

It could not have been more timely, because the 12 months previous had been tougher than we had expected. And like any good dark night of the soul, I questioned whether or not we would make it through.

But as it turns out, the struggle was serving as a strengthener, rather than a blade of straw.

This week I left Emily with my mother for an hour while I went out for a business meeting.

This is simply another thing as pre-parents we said we would never do, but have since done. It was a strange and somewhat liberating experience.

I am used to working with the full capacity of my brain, rather than having it split in half.

I practically ran home because I wanted to see her pretty little face.

We also embarked on some serious family adventures.

Not the least being a long overdue visit to grandma and grandpa’s house. Where Little immediately turned on the charm and showed everybody her beautiful smiles

There were days I felt as though we had turned a corner. But as to what said corner actually is, was, or does, I am not sure.

However just as quickly,i questioned the existence of any kind of corner at all.

just when we were beginning to think, as parents we have this baby Caper figured out, Miss Emily has discovered a new way to cry. Which really translates as a new way to play mummy and daddy. And see just how fast we can run.

She has also learned to push with her feet. I think our days are numbered for having an immobile baby.

She can already wiggle the length of her cradle, and the breadth of her sheepskin. I have no idea how she does it.

And as for rolling over, I am waiting for the accidental milestone to happen.

And lastly, but certainly not least, Emily has learned to hold her dummy on purpose, and push it back into her mouth.


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