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From Feeling Nervous To Being Of Service

Week 14

Welcome to cafe mummy.

I will be your waiter today.

A lap for one is it?

Milk for madam?

Wow! No time for pleasantries. Umm ok,let’s get down to business…

Before I had Emily, I was really nervous about everything. Especially feeding. Those first few weeks were really difficult when we needed Michael to help with everything.

At first, I could not face wearing clothing. It was just too complicated.

But after a while slowly I graduated to pants, eventually a top, and lastly followed by a bra.

Actually I was afraid to hold her because she was so little and fragile.

I mean of course I did, but by God it made my heart quicken, and my mind race.

However these days, it is an entirely different story.

Not only will I feed her anywhere, and in almost any position, but I will hold her any which way she is comfortable without a second thought.

So you remember that list of nevers we were never going to do as parents?

Well we are slowly and methodically ticking them off the list.

Michael was adamant Little would never climb into bed with us of a morning, but guess where she has been more and more.

It is just as well we do not take ourselves too seriously, otherwise we might have to defend our assumptions no matter the cost.

It is far easier to be wrong, and then change things up.

This week, Emily has decided there is not enough sitting up in the world.

She cannot do it by herself yet, but does prefer to look at the world from this vantage point. therefore she has been spending greater amounts of time in our arms, or in her bouncy chair. but being with either one of us is far more interesting in her eyes. after all, we move places.

I think she is beginning to realise that in order to communicate with me, we need to be more tactile with one another. Because in the last day and a half, if she is hungry, and I have not heard her mouth move, she brings my hand to her mouth and shows me.

Michael assures me that she makes great eye contact, and is tracking well.

She is just beginning to reach for things and lean forward with interest.

Mummy drives daddy crazy by singing nursery rhymes. So feel free to join in the madness by randomly ringing him and singing Incy Wincy Spider. I promise he will love it

In other news, Miss Emily is making great progress with her sounds. we are having a lot more fun with our call and response conversations. In fact, yesterday she turned quite deliberately to me and started to talk first.

Needless to say I found this delightful.

not only do I speak to her in adult language, but I also show her how to make different sounds by the shape of my mouth.

We also use a lot of hand gestures.

given how Michael and I love love love literature, it is no surprise we want to impart that same joy to her Royal cuteness.

We are embarking on the process of reading books to her.

Therefore I am on the hunt for any children’s board books, and if need be we will braille them ourselves.

I find the pocket books a little too hard to manage in terms of my fingers getting in the way of the printed words and pictures.

Although having said that they are handy to have in my handbag

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