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From Pre-natal Care To A Grizzle Bear

Week 16.

This week, as always, has been full of first things.

However, what is a new week for, if not trying something new.

Project Rollie Poly has been temporarily shelved in favour of teething. Therefore, we have seen some pretty rosy red cheeks, and some very unsettled nights.

Admittedly I was finding this a little hard going at first, because listening to Emily’s distress twists my being into all sorts of uncomfortable distorted shapes.

Sure, it may be obvious to everyone else, but being in the trenches of baby land can really mess with a girl’s mind at times.

Thank God, for those flashes of perspective, which seemingly come out of nowhere like a crack of sunlight between dark and stormy clouds.

I am sure they are the universes way of rewarding me for doing such a good job.

This week’s epiphany centred on, as uncomfortable, gut wrenching, and heartstring pulling as it is for us to listen to her cry, the reason for her tears is not exactly fun for her either.

See, obvious looking from the outside in, right?

I can safely say it has been an adjustment for all of us.

Meanwhile, my little reverse crunch queen has been knocking those bad boys out of the park. However, tummy time is still an issue. As in, she does not tolerate it. Sure, it may provide another viewpoint, but she is not interested.

She gets her curiosity satisfied another way.

In fact, one of her favourite activities is to be nestled in the crook of daddy’s right arm, as he goes about his day.

She loves to observe and listen to the explanations of the happenings within our household, and the wider world.

Michael says you can see the intensity with which she absorbs her surroundings on her face as they do their jobs.

Somebody has to supervise the daddy you know.

Obviously she knows which way is up.

I am not sure if it is those immanent pearly whites, which are making Emily a little less talkative, but wow, the girl can dribble.

This means she can now blow the best bubbles, and the occasional raspberry.

However, the biggest surprise has been the arrival of some new hair. What’s more, Michael spotted it first. I am pleased to say, Subsequent kisses on the top of her head have confirmed this phenomenon.

Another significant development has been the welcome appearance of Emily’s left hand into her conscious awareness, and the more frequent experimentation with holding and readjusting her dummy.

Sometimes she can put it back in by herself, while other times she does not realise she is already holding it, and becomes upset because it is not in her mouth.

Which I think is funny, because I am usually too busy being a proud mummy, and praising her for what a good job of holding she is doing to remedy the situation in a timely enough fashion for the little girl.

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