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Moving Out

I had no idea when I wrote the previous post less than twenty-four hours ago; we would be transitioning Emily into her next size bed so soon.

However, after last night… Let us just say it became abundantly clear she is ready, even if I am not.

So here, we are; I in the one-hundred year old rocking chair across from her and her all unswaddled in her big girl cot with grandma’s owl blanket for protection.

The room is dimly lit courtesy of the too bright yellowy hall light above the stairs.

I hope she will be warm enough.

I mean, we put her in a stripy baby zippy bag thing, but…

I am a little nervous as to how things are going to progress. However so far so good.

I mean it is not as if she has not slept in her room before. We have been slowly introducing her to this space of a daytime for weeks.

So let us be honest, this is more about me than anything else.

Case and point, I do not need to be here in order for her to fall asleep. She is quite capable of doing that all by her pretty little self.

I am here for purely selfish reasons.

I am here to squeeze one last drop out of this once in lifetime gorgeous baby goodness before it is locked in the vault of irretrievable moments.

It is strange how Michael’s snoring does not wake her, but a crinkle of the sheet when I roll over is a disturbance. Moreover, my tossing and turning is much quieter than Mr snorey head.

Michael is convinced he will find me camped out with her as opposed to our bed.

However, I told him, because we are an inclusive family, my plan is to sleep at the top of the stairs, where the mid-point between them resides.

Motherhood requires such presence – blink and I will miss it.

I am so happy our Little is growing up and finding her way, but I am sad she is growing up and finding her way.

I know she cannot be little forever, but can’t she be little forever?

I say this, but with every new stage, she becomes more delightful.

Take today for example, when she was so full of joy, her squeals of happiness were infectious, and could be heard through the entire house. Whereas we did not have this three days ago.

I think a big part of why I am so anxious to savour every moment, is because we are only having the one. Therefore, I will not get this again.

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