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From Baby Slings To Big Girl Swings

Week 24

What a week. I really need to start taking notes as we go.

Because once again I have forgotten most of the things, I want to say. And I am sure there are some cracker break throughs in there.

This week’s favourite toys have included Flower and Keys. While Zebra has been left out in the cold.

I am not sure where she gets it, but hanging out the washing is still the most fail safe method to keep a certain baby girl amused.

So we find ourselves stretching the loads, in order to make the good times last.

Daddy and Emily have been spending a lot of time at the park lately. Whereby the cutie cute cute cute has taken to going on the swing by herself.

of course by this we mean, daddy is right there holding on and Emily cannot escape, fall out, through, or under.

This is opposed to going on the swing in our lap’s.

Apparently it is so much fun, and she loves it so much, her and daddy had to go twice today.

A combination of a little more sleep, and the flexibility that comes via mixed feeding has meant we have had more time and resources to work on our plans for the future.

And although I have absolutely no idea as to how we are going to pull them off, at least we are gaining momentum.

It has also meant I have been far more stealthy and clever with Michael’s Father’s Day gift than he could ever imagine.

And thank you to those involved – you know who you are.

Obviously, the biggest highlight of my week was taking Emily on the train by myself.

We simply sat her and naughty Dolly in the sling, because no adventure can be had without Dolly, and off we went.

Knowing how naughty Dolly can be, I attached her to the handle of Emily’s nappy bag, so if they had a falling out, no pun intended, but you have to admit it is good, Dolly would not escape.

I was confident, calm, and fierce when need be. While Emily was relaxed, happy, and content. She even had a sleep as we went about our business.

If anything, people tend to take more notice and give me more space when I am carrying her and a stick, than they do when I am alone.

I will admit it is different having her with me, but this is just the beginning baby.

For this is how I have always envisioned it.

I think where I have come undone over being able to take her out, is because for years I have pushed other people’s kids in their prams, but not being able to do it with my own has quite naturally brought a tinge of grief with it.

But who cares now, because I have so got this!

So let’s celebrate.

who wants to invite us somewhere?

However, this is not to say we did not have other moments of pride and accomplishment.

Take the wooden spoon photo I posted earlier in the week for example.

I must lick the mixing bowl a lot, because when I handed Miss I am so curious the utensil, she knew exactly which way to hold it, and where to put it.

She is so clever. We always talk to her, and she is always watching.

Everybody assures me she makes great eye contact.

each day brings her closer to mobility.

We can see her brain ticking over, and her body becoming stronger.

Sometimes she forgets she cannot actually go anywhere under her own steam.

Because she will go to wiggle off my lap, and suddenly stop, as the realisation kicks in.

We have noticed her little fingers are becoming more nimble.

I was so proud of her increased precision and dexterity, until she pinched my nipple, and since then, I will admit to having second thoughts.

While her rolling over has not been as prevalent over the last seven days as I would have expected.

But of course, I keep forgetting how babies develop in a circular motion of one-step forward two steps back…

However our little yoga baby can almost put her toes in her mouth, and has the bendiest backy back ever.

I try to match her, but my efforts pale in comparison.

As for solids, she has not been as enthusiastic, but we think her teeth are once again giving her trouble.

This is not to say she isn’t eyeing off everything we put in our mouths with interest, but we haven’t pushed the issue this week.

As it is, she is gaining weight like a champion.

I’m nnot sure where her words have disappeared, but she makes herself understood in other ways.

To the untrained observer those running legs might look the same, but they can mean many things. Happy, sad, grumpy, sleepy, get me up, play peekaboo, and I’m so tired…

Story time was a hit again this week. I mean, Emily may have fallen asleep part way through, but Michael had a good time.

In terms of reading material at home, we have several board books.

Every time we get one, and Michael explains it to me, I think to myself, we won’t need to braille that, surely I can see those simple pictures, but nope.

We so need to get Brailling.

Allegedly, I called a teddy bear a beach ball.

Of course, I deny such nonsense.

It is a good thing we don’t take this parenting caper too seriously. We have so much fun with her in our world.


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