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A Belly Bug

Guess who is asleep in their cradle beside me?

Oh I am so excited to have Little camping with us, but also anxious.

She just threw up all over her cot.

She has never done that before.

I hope she is ok.

I wonder if it was something I gave her.

This afternoon I tried to bake some teething rusks, but they sucked.

I mean they probably would have been fine, but I could not give them to her in good conscience.

They were so full of starch, even with the liberty I took in enhancing the recipe; she would have likely been constipated for days.

And for what? 15 minutes of entertainment.

So back to the drawing board with that idea.

I gave her a raw carrot to munch while we waited for said experiment to harden into concrete.

Could that have made her sick?

Alternatively, could it have been the pureed peas, carrots, or baked egg yolk?

Maybe it was the formula.

Could it be my milk?

She does not feel to warm or anything.

What should I be watching for?

Now how am I going to sleep?

Lucky Michael gave me a sleep in this morning.

He really is the best husband.

I nearly cried with joy on Wednesday when he appeared on the train platform with baby girl.

I had left them at the top of the station stairs, and ran for the waiting train without a proper goodbye.

Moreover, by proper, I mean a goodbye with a million questions and instructions for Michael regarding Emily’s wellbeing, a million reassurances from Michael they will be fine and a million kisses for Little.

However 3 minutes later, and my train was still sitting there, along came my family, so I got my million questions, assurances, and kisses after all.

While this morning not only did he get up and take baby girl downstairs for a play, but he bought me tea and toast when I awoke.

Now in the interest of full disclosure, the tea and toast in or out of bed is not unusual.

The unusual part was my not finding the energy to get up with her.

However even more rare, as in the first time ever, I lingered a little longer under the covers before letting them know I was up, because I wanted 30 seconds more of quiet time.

Normally I am bursting to play with baby girl, but this morning I was so something.

I mean it had been a rough night, but we have had worse, and I have bounced back more quickly.

I am not sure what my laziness this morning was about.

However it does not matter now.

I know I will likely fall asleep with my ears stretched toward the sound of her every breath tonight.

Does the worry ever leave?

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