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From Flowered Paths To Big Girl Baths


Holy shit that cannot be right.

Can it? Wow wow wow! What a crazy quick week. I cannot believe it is Sunday afternoon again, and it is time to turn up to the page.

As usual, I did not take any notes, so let us see how this week’s recap progresses.

Unfortunately, I am not myself today, so thank God Queen Emily has gone down for an afternoon nap.

It is nothing to do with her, she is fantastic. I have had a headache for three days, and woke up this morning feeling as though aliens had abducted me.

I am completely discombobulated. My fuse is short, my thoughts not my own, and I cannot seem to shake the general feeling of weirdness.

Luckily and ever so kindly, Michael got up with one very awake baby at quarter to six this morning.

While the perfection of hindsight reaffirms what I vaguely knew earlier on, that I really ought to have skipped morning tea with the sisters in law, and stayed in bed.

However, if I had, I would have missed Emily having her first swim in a pool. And we cannot have that now.

As it is, I feel terrible for not getting in with her, because I do not want to be the mama who sits on the sidelines while everyone else is having fun.

I practically snapped my brother in law’s head off over an ignorant conversation about Text to speech software, when normally I would let it slide.

In addition, when Emily pulled my hair this morning I got upset, because it hurt, when normally I would simply untangle her little fingers, and ask her to be gentle with mummy’s body please.

So who knows what is going on.

Michael has gone out for a well-deserved walk, which means the house is quiet.

I am not sure how long I have until high-low tea begins.

I love our new ritual. I am fascinated at how Emily’s body knows how to chew or spit something out.

Spit most things out actually.

This week has been a week of many big girl firsts. Beginning with her eight-month birthday on Monday, whereby Michael took us for a picnic beside the Georges River, where we had the company of some of the cheekiest magpies ever, and we went for an impromptu paddle on the water’s edge.

We would have gone further, but daddy saw the jellyfish rolling along the bottom of the sand just in time.

I was just about to hand baby girl to her daddy, and take off my jeans so we could all wade a little deeper when he made the fortunate discovery.

This sent us all quickly scuttling back to shore like a pack of hermit crabs.

Normally we are conscious of introducing new things to our little sweetie, but I had forgotten her feet had never touched sand before. Therefore, it was hilarious to feel her entire body go rigid as those cute tiny toes sunk into the soft riverbed when I dipped her ankles in the water for the first time.

However, it did not take her long to get used to the sensation. Especially after we deconstructed the situation, I took her out, let her touch the dry sand, and walked her in slowly. Then Daddy took over, and gradually introduced her to the water through splashing and sploshing, which if those big smiles and happy sounds were anything to go by, she was having a good time.

He said at first her legs would come up in bemusement, but by the third or fourth bounce, she was splashing him in reciprocation.

We spent the afternoon walking through some native bush gardens, where as long as the leaves were not too sharp we let Emily touch and smell the plant life.

We like to give her sensory experiences where possible, and after all, if I touch everything, we cannot expect her not to follow suit.

Who knew kangaroo pour was so kangarooish?

It is the first time in ages, I did not have a stick, and as long as I did not think about it, I did not need one. I could simply tune into Michael’s steps ahead, and relax into the rhythm of my surroundings.

However, the moment I tried to cognitively watch where he was going, or think about where my foot should fall, I would end up muddled and befuddled.

I really need to trust my echo locating abilities more.

It was liberating to have both my hands free, and for all intents and purposes, even if they are the intensive purposes in my head, we looked like a normal family.

I know I should not put it like that, but it is a well-documented fact, I have a tumultuous relationship with my cane, no matter the colour or style. Moreover, between us, I have been too reliant on it lately. I have been using it even when I need not, because I have been losing confidence in myself.

Which is very different to being in denial.

Holy shit now that is a hard place to be.

However, it is tricky to explain, and probably best left for a different post.

So as I was saying, a picnic, a bushwalk, and wait for it… A big girl bath in the upstairs adult bath to finish off our day.

We had been bathing, and by we I mean Michael had been bathing Emily in the laundry tub, which we knew she was getting too big for, but we had been making do for quite a while anyway.

However, on Sunday night it became apparent as her ankles were completely out of the tub, that maybe just maybe she did in fact need to graduate to the big girl bath upstairs.

And what do you know; it is much better for all concerned.

She looks so little in that big white eyesore.

Tuesday saw us strap Little into the complex baby carrier – facing outward, and head into the city for a much-needed appointment with our baby mechanic.

However, a trip to the city would not be complete without a quick stop at Tony the fruit man’s on George Street, where he introduced Emily to the most delicious cherries. What that girl can get with a smile is astounding.

May you always have that sweetheart.

When we got to John’s, she waited on the couch with her book, just like a big girl.

Little’s body was not giving up its’ secrets easily, but once John found the key, they came thick and fast.

John is an amazing osteopath, and Emily’s ability to receive treatment does nothing but improve with every session.

We are so lucky to have him as a part of our world.

Thanks John, I could not do it without you.

Thank God, I had remembered to bring the Joey pouch with me in case of an emergency, because there was no way I was going to get her back in the complex baby carrier for the journey home.

She may have been happier, but my little sleepy head needed to snuggle in close and have a nap.

Poor nanny did not get much of a hold, because a certain cutie cute cute cute fell asleep within a minute of us finding her.

However, imagine our surprise and delight when a very wiggly worm and I came home later that afternoon to find some mysterious new toys in the lounge room courtesy of our friend Lisa and baby Oliver. Michael had picked them up earlier in the day before going for his swim.

Thanks Lisa and Oliver.

Lord knows we need something fresh around here. Nothing we have is stimulating enough for our clever girl’s mind.

Wednesday we spent a quiet day at home. Emily and I went to the park after fourth breakfast, and before early elevenses.

Yes, really, four breakfasts. Oh yes, our hungry caterpillar is loving her food.

Then she had a record braking three-hour nap, whereby Michael and I were left wondering what to do, and what to start.

We kept thinking surely she would wake in a minute, surely, she would wake in a minute, and surely, she would wake in a minute.

Therefore, we achieved nothing with our time.

However, what better way to spend an afternoon than by experiencing what can only be described as ultra-high-low tea. followed by another trip to the park before bed.

I have never seen our little girl eat so much in one sitting. I am so proud of our little foody.

Thursday morning Michael had one of his famous cook offs, which means there is loads of food for Emily and me in the freezer.

While on Thursday afternoon, Emily’s Godmother surprised them with a visit.

Hands up who got some pretty new dresses?

. It was too hot for them to collect me from the station, so once again I came home to a happy baby and husband practicing their crawling on the lounge room floor.

We did not get much time together before the sweetheart had to go to bed. Which made me a little sad, but at least she went down comparatively quickly.

Friday was another ridiculously hot day in Sydney. Michael and Emily managed to make it to story time, but apparently, it rather sucked.

Still, Emily got to see her friend Harry, and some of the other kids, so it was not all bad.

Thank God for air conditioning.

I gave up on work, and when I arrived home, we hung the hose from the clothesline like a bag of goon, and Emily had her first hose off in the backyard. What can I tell you, we are all class in this house.

Followed by Michael and me spending the afternoon tag teaming. Each of us running outside alternatively, going under the hose, and then coming back into the cool house to look after Little.

Ahhh, sometimes it is the simple things in life.

Saturday we went to our first family garage sale, where we probably over paid for the couple of things we purchased.

While as I said, this morning we had morning tea and a swim at my sister in law’s house and here we are.

This week has seen a significant change in Emily’s sleep again. She spent the first half of the week continuing her big daytime naps, while waking up three or four times during the night. And has spent the second half of the week forgoing those luxurious day sleeps in favour of waking up only once during the night.

Putting her to bed has still been a battle, but those nights when she falls asleep in my arms as I sit in the rocking chair, are a dream come true.

It will not always be like this, I think to myself as her weight changes from struggle to peaceful.

Our little princess is teething again, and just when I think those top teeth are about to break the surface, they retreat.

However, the rosy cheeks and the dribble do not.

Our poor little girl bights everything at the moment. Her fingers, our fingers, my shoulders, feet, all her toys, the steering wheel at the park, anything she can possibly get her hands upon.

I feel for her, and know she does not understand how much it hurts, but by God, those toothy-pegs are sharp.

Between that and the hair pulling, things are not exactly comfortable around here.

However, what makes it all worth it are those gorgeous cuddles.

Those sweet moments when she puts her head on my shoulder and rests quietly.

They are fleeting, but they are priceless. And if we have to endure a little pain, then so be it.

When it comes to toys, we are still struggling to find her things to keep her engaged. I have no idea what to get her next.

Can you believe we have had a baby for eight months? Eight entire months. I do not know how to wrap my head around it.

She is so big now.

I am not sure when it happened, but suddenly all her clothing is too small.

I tried to put on her prettiest pink and white dress last week, but it would not do up around her chest.

Her shirts are suddenly showing her cute little belly, and her pants are half way up her adorable baby shaped calves.

I ask you, when did this happen?

Tonight I tried to put on her pink bunny rabbit pyjamas, which fit her last week, but now I cannot get her feet in them.

Even her car seat straps need readjusting again.

Our tall drink of water is definitely in a growth spirt.

In terms of crawling, she is getting stronger every day.

However, she is not quite there yet.

Our little squiggle still turns in circles and goes backward most of the time. However, movement is movement, and we are finding her all over the place.

Today we found her stuck under her rocker.

While earlier in the week, she discovered how to roll over in her cot.

Hello craziness.

We are forever chasing her around her bed, as she discovers the power and freedom, which comes with such physical prowess.

The baby in the mirror is still one of her favourite things, along with her rocker.

However, I did get in trouble earlier in the week when I put her in her pink next size seat for breakfast, as opposed to the breakfast chair.

How is a girl supposed to keep up?

Speech wise there has not been a lot of motion either.

Bwaaa is still her favourite for when she is excited, and I still cannot figure out what oyooyoyoyoyoyoy means.

I have noticed she is only rolling to her left, and only from her back to her front. It is as though she has forgotten how to roll any other way.

We can see her trying, but her arms do not seem to be in the correct position.

I am also a little concerned because she is favouring putting her weight on her right leg as opposed to her left, and her ribs click almost every time I pick her up under the arms.

Which by the way is rather often.

Because right now I have a baby who does not know if she wants to be up or down.

She wants a cuddle, she does not want a cuddle. She wants a cuddle, she does not want a cuddle. However, she wants a cuddle.

Or maybe not. Oh who knows what Miss I am going to lick the tip of your cane, the kitchen floor, and even the bottom of your shoes if I can get away with it wants.

All we can do is be in the moment, pick her up when she asks, put her down when she likes, and do it all over again in the next five seconds.

Food wise our little adventurer knows no bounds. Today she ate an entire pear, some tandoori chicken, cheese, carrots, and who knows what other delicious morsel of leaf or bark.

Yesterday she ate an entire slice of avocado toast. Olives, rock melon, beef, cherries, and basil were all new introductions.

I know they sound random, but that is because they are.

We give her whatever we are having, or whatever we can think of at the time.

Although I have not quite been, brave enough to give her peanuts yet. I was thinking that maybe we should go park outside the emergency room before trying them.

Needless to say, Michael has been an absolute star, and he makes this as easy for me as possible.

I am really lucky to have such a supportive husband.

I only hope I can live up to my end of the bargain, which is to keep a roof over our head, food in our bellies, and shoes on our feet.

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