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Early Morning Art

Hello 5:00am. And good morning baby girl.

You are not going back to sleep are you?

I love the early mornings I spend with Emily. We quietly pad down stairs to play with toys, and have breakfast together.

Down the steps, down the steps down down down down, we softly sing as we go.

Good morning, its morning time, good morning morning timeā€¦ we say happily to the outside world as we drawer open the thick ugly 1970s style beige coloured curtains of our rented townhouse, and look out into the garden.

This morning was particularly spectacular. The sunrise was amazing. Thanks for getting mummy up Little.

I mean it must have been a killer if even I could grasp the sublime beauty of the colour pallet.

Think creamy yellows, pale pink’s, smoky purples, dusty blues, and just a hint of patchy luminescent orange to liven things up.

Add this to the peaceful dewiness of dawn, and the sweet melodious song of the magpies in the eucalyptus trees overhead, and the picture is sublime.

However sneakily crawling back into bed at 7:30am after declaring my intention to have a shower, and get ready for work, while the sheets are still warm from where Michael has been is the epitome of decadence.

Five more minutes?

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